Don’t settle for political cover on ‘red flag’ bill that could save lives

On Monday, the fight over sensible gun laws in Maine was renewed as the Legislature held a public hearing on extreme risk protection orders, or the “red flag” bill. The legislation, if adopted, would allow the police or members of a person’s family to seek a court order to have firearms temporarily removed from the […]

Legislature considers bill that gives a reason to smile

For some people, it’s the menacing whir of a drill, maybe coming from the other room. For others, it’s anxiety about not taking care of themselves before the visit or fear of a painful experience. For about 12 percent of the population, going to the dentist causes severe anxiety, so much so that they will […]

In first 100 days, Mills gets good marks for health care, decency

Later this week, we’ll mark the first 100 days of Gov. Janet Mills’ administration. President Franklin Roosevelt used the first 100 days of his administration as a milestone to measure the progress that he had been made – under difficult circumstances – to right the ship of state in 1933. Since then, actions taken during […]

Early poll shows Maine voters are unsettled

Democrats and progressives in Maine are ready for 2020. They are so ready. They’re so ready, in fact, that they might be having a little trouble remembering that it’s just April of 2019. When pollsters try to gauge support for candidates, sometimes they ask, “if the election were held today, who would you support?” The […]

Stay focused on what matters to voters – health care and Social Security

Democrats took control of the US House of Representatives with a consistent and constant focus on issues that matter to voters, namely health care. In Maine’s 2nd Congressional District and the race for governor, health care was the No. 1 issue for voters. And the candidates treated it that way. If Democrats are to be successful […]

How to find the right Democratic primary candidate for you

With more than 15 Democrats already running for president and more announcing by the day, it might be hard for voters to pick a favorite, especially this far way from November 2020.

Time for an equal rights amendment, but expect a nasty fight

It’s long past time that the Maine Legislature sends a state Equal Rights Amendment to voters. But a word of caution for the supporters – of which I am one: If LD 433, which would amend the state constitution to explicitly prohibit discrimination based on the sex of an individual, appears on the ballot, we […]

We need to move past emotions on safe injection sites and toward acceptance

It is hard to overcome an emotional response in politics. It’s part of the reason why President Donald Trump is able to maintain the support of his hardcore supporters. He connects with them emotionally – with anger, fear and, often, hatred. No amount of logic can break that emotional connection. There’s no arguing the facts […]

Paid sick leave protects from the unexpected muppet attack

It was the Saturday after Thanksgiving and I was visiting a local baby store. Minding my own business, I strolled down the aisle when out of nowhere I was attacked, set upon by a foam Elmo couch for kids. That little red devil found its way under foot, and I went arse over teakettle, right […]

Time to reject wrong-number robocalls

Considering that we live in perhaps the safest, least war-torn time in all of human history, it feels like a disservice to complain about minor inconveniences. After achieving in-box zero right after the holidays, the endless stream of spam emails I receive on a daily basis has me creeping back up closer to a 1,000 […]