Vote by mail is a safe, convenient way to participate in July 14 election

It’s weird to have a statewide election in July. Right now, though, there are lots of things that are weird, and at least for registered Maine voters, the July election is as easy as ordering from Amazon – maybe easier if you’re still trying to find toilet paper or hand sanitizer online. Registered voters can […]

COVID-19 requires aggressive economic response from Congress

The state’s economy has fallen off the edge of a cliff. The only question is how far the fall will be. In a letter to Maine’s congressional delegation last week and in a call on Monday, Gov. Janet Mills made the case for additional federal aid for state and local governments, and she used some […]

Poll of ‘unheard middle’ voters provides roadmap for economic recovery

As Maine begins to navigate how to loosen restrictions on activities in the shadow of COVID-19 and develop a plan for recovery, a new 10-state poll gives insights on voters’ priorities. Recognizing that partisan political leanings have begun to skew ideas even around public health, the poll focuses on the “unheard middle” by eliminating respondents […]

Most don’t want to rush re-opening, they just want to do their part to keep Maine safe

Even as time and days blur together during the COVID-19 pandemic, public opinion can still move quickly. Or maybe not. So far, there have been two large protests in Augusta concerning the gradual changes to physical distancing regulations implemented by Gov. Janet Mills to protect public health during the pandemic. If you spend anytime on […]

Mills balances need to re-open with public health with four-stage plan

Gov. Janet Mills on Tuesday outlined a four-stage plan for Maine to gradually re-open businesses in the state. While her plan is to extend the current stay-at-home order through May 31, certain business and activities will be allowed to open beginning on May 1 if they follow  safety protocols developed by the Maine Center for […]

Progress against COVID-19 is put at risk with rush to return

Re-opening businesses while COVID-19 is still circulating is not as simple as turning on a switch or sending an email to employees asking them to show up for work. For much of the state, schools have already been closed for the remainder of the academic year. Many parents will have no option but to stay […]

When it comes to COVID-19, who will we trust?

President Donald Trump has made it clear – science or not – that he wants to quickly end the physical distancing requirements that are being used to slow the spread of COVID-19. And that he – alone – has the power to do it. Governors, including Maine Gov. Janet Mills among many others, are taking […]

We need a new normal after COVID-19

There’s a certain clarity that develops in a crisis. Old rules – that seemed so important to protecting the public order, to good business practices, to the rules of commerce – all of a sudden get tossed out and we adapt to new ways of doing things for the times. With the COVID-19 pandemic, we […]

During time of pandemic, Idaho targets trans kids

State governments around the country have reacted differently to the COVID-19 pandemic and the threat it poses to people and to the economy. Many states – Maine included – took quick and decisive action to help stop the spread of the disease and to help people upended by job loss and financial instability caused by […]

COVID-19 shows that all workers are essential

It’s time we retire the idea of “essential” and “non-essential” workers. If the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated anything, it’s that all the cogs in our economic machine are essential. Pull too many bits and pieces out, and the whole thing risks grinding to a halt. While we are hunkered down – working from home if […]