Is Darth LePage accidentally helping the resistance?

Current Maine Attorney General and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Janet Mills started her first television commercial of the campaign with an image of Gov. Paul LePage. She’s betting that just the picture of LePage will generate a visceral reaction for Maine Democrats, grabbing their attention and setting up a sharp contrast between herself and the lame duck […]

Farm Bill would push food out of reach for millions

It’s impossible for me to think about food stamps and not think about my Uncle Buddy – my mom’s brother. He was a gun-owning, motorcycle-riding, construction-working, leave-me-the-hell alone Republican. He worked on my grandmother’s farm high up in the Appalachian Mountains of southwest Virginia – raising green peppers, tobacco, beef cattle and horses – and […]

Citizens answer the bully’s dare with ‘see you in court’

The dysfunction – and frankly, absurdity – in politics today has forced the courts to be the arbiter of last resort on issues that rightly should never come before them. Unscrupulous candidates and Republican obstructionism are backed up by a schoolyard bully’s taunt: “Why don’t you make me?” Maine people have been forced to take […]

Baldacci’s answer to ‘what have you done for the people today?’

Former Gov. John Baldacci is being honored this week by the University of Maine with the Alumni Career Award. He’s earned it – and a lot more – for a lifetime of public service all dedicated to fighting for the people of Maine. Partially due to the time in which he served and partially due […]

Equal pay starts by electing more women

This week was marked by Equal Pay Day, which acknowledges that women still only make about 80 percent of what men for the same work. Quality, affordable child care is one way to make a difference. There is simply no denying that if we have more women in office – in Augusta and in Washington […]

Candidates for governor respond with BIG IDEAS

Two weeks ago, I made an offer to all the candidates running for governor: Send me a big idea explained in 50 words or less, and I’ll share it with the world as written and without comment. A chance to reach tens of people with words of their choosing. My hope was that all the […]

March for Our Lives kids refuse to let adults derail change

If I had been advising the students who organized and led the March for Our Lives protests around Maine, I would have told them to keep the program short. I’d have said to avoid the sappy songs and the poetry, to keep the message sharp and focused. Don’t be too strident, don’t take it too […]

Running for governor? Here’s your chance to make your case.

There’s a strange bipolar effect that happens every election season. We want people to run for office. We want more choice. And then we bemoan the fact that so many people run – writing some folks off prematurely, even before they have a chance to make their case. In Maine, a lot of people are […]