President Trump tries to erase transgender people

Health care. Homeless shelters. The military. In school. At work. The Trump administration is further escalating its attack on transgender people, including in situations when people are their most vulnerable. Last week, as of the violent deaths of three transgender women of color were making headlines, the Trump administration announced its intentions to allow health care […]

Rural economic growth starts in Maine’s cities

Earlier this week, Gov. Janet Mills announced her intention to create a 10-year strategic economic development plan for the state. It’s a good idea – if it doesn’t fall victim to politics and the great divide between rural and urban areas. The two most important things we can do to improve our economy are to […]

Abortion fight could spark national political firestorm

No one can say for certain whether the conservative majority on the US Supreme Court is willing to overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that guaranteed the right of women to receive an abortion. But Republicans in Alabama and Georgia and liberals on the court itself seem to think it’s a real possibility. For […]

Legalized betting on sports is coming; let’s get it right

It’s a good bet that Maine is going to join the growing list of states that allow gambling on sports. I don’t like gambling. It’s too hard to make money to give it away to someone else for a few minutes of excitement. I prefer to spend my entertainment dollar on super hero movies, super-good […]

Time to end the anti-vaccine trend in Maine

Maine has an unusually high number of kids who are entering school without vaccinations – and the number is rising. According to data from the Maine Center for Disease Control, the number of Maine families refusing to vaccinate their children is more than three times the national average, putting at risk not only the unvaccinated […]

Don’t settle for political cover on ‘red flag’ bill that could save lives

On Monday, the fight over sensible gun laws in Maine was renewed as the Legislature held a public hearing on extreme risk protection orders, or the “red flag” bill. The legislation, if adopted, would allow the police or members of a person’s family to seek a court order to have firearms temporarily removed from the […]

Legislature considers bill that gives a reason to smile

For some people, it’s the menacing whir of a drill, maybe coming from the other room. For others, it’s anxiety about not taking care of themselves before the visit or fear of a painful experience. For about 12 percent of the population, going to the dentist causes severe anxiety, so much so that they will […]

In first 100 days, Mills gets good marks for health care, decency

Later this week, we’ll mark the first 100 days of Gov. Janet Mills’ administration. President Franklin Roosevelt used the first 100 days of his administration as a milestone to measure the progress that he had been made – under difficult circumstances – to right the ship of state in 1933. Since then, actions taken during […]

Early poll shows Maine voters are unsettled

Democrats and progressives in Maine are ready for 2020. They are so ready. They’re so ready, in fact, that they might be having a little trouble remembering that it’s just April of 2019. When pollsters try to gauge support for candidates, sometimes they ask, “if the election were held today, who would you support?” The […]

Stay focused on what matters to voters – health care and Social Security

Democrats took control of the US House of Representatives with a consistent and constant focus on issues that matter to voters, namely health care. In Maine’s 2nd Congressional District and the race for governor, health care was the No. 1 issue for voters. And the candidates treated it that way. If Democrats are to be successful […]