Supreme Court hope rests on a Republican not acting like a Republican

Religious conservatives have stuck with President Donald Trump – despite the lies, the infidelity, the cruelty, the hate – and now they are close to the payback. On Monday night, Trump announced that he is nominating US Court of Appeals Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court. And immediately landmark rulings that protect […]

A walk back in time to our immigrant past

A young girl arrived in the United States as an unaccompanied minor, just 17 years old. She found work as a domestic servant, caring for the homes of the wealthy until she met the man she married a few years later. She, her family and, in fact, all of her people faced significant discrimination. Her […]

Hiding behind ‘civility’ in uncivil times

Two women were recently kicked out of restaurants. One holds a position of great power and influence. The other is a member of one of the most bullied and marginalized groups in our society. One is defended by the president of the United States, the other is dehumanized by that same president’s policies and positions […]

Sins at the southern border will haunt our country

Maybe this time will be different. But I’m skeptical, disappointed and angry. The plight of children stolen from their parents at the border has generated a national moment of outrage. But we’ve seen moments of outrage before. People massacred in schools, on college campuses, in church and at movie theaters. Little kids, high school kids, […]

Don’t fuss about the delay; we’ll know the election results soon enough

On Tuesday, for the first time Maine, voters had a chance to use ranked-choice voting to pick their nominees for governor and for Democrats in the 2nd Congressional District. Despite all the hand wringing, ranked-choice voting itself is pretty straightforward. You rank the candidates in the order that you like them. What’s different is the way […]

Discrimination not baked into high court ruling

Hold your horses! Ease off that throttle. Slow it down there, bub. The US Supreme Court did not legalize discrimination and it did not affirm the right of business owners to turn people away who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. And the court certainly did not say that the 1st Amendment allows business owners to […]

The ways we fail children continue to multiply

“We have failed these kids.” Those were the words of state Sen. Roger Katz, a Republican from Augusta, during a hearing on an investigation of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services about the death of two children. But the words ring true far beyond the tragic deaths of two children who were abused […]

Progress for LGBT people, courtesy of the pope, NH Republicans and a judge

Here’s a tale of two states, the pope and a Virginia student who just wanted to use the bathroom. The battle for equality for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people is an ongoing struggle. It shouldn’t be that way, but it is. Even in the face of repeated attacks by the Trump administration, legislation all […]