Washington Post calls out LePage’s ‘unhinged racism,’ says he should resign

In a hard-hitting, blunt editorial published online tonight, The Washington Post, one of the most prestigious newspapers in the world, called upon Maine Gov. Paul LePage to resign. The paper cited the governor’s “unhinged racism and unhinged ravings” in a blistering editorial. The Post goes on to chronicle the governor’s damaging behavior, threats and lies, […]

LePage again fails the test of character

When it comes to tests of character, Gov. Paul LePage rarely makes the grade. It’s nothing new for the governor to use race and fear to divide Maine. Like his juiced-up doppelganger Donald Trump, he’s perfectly fine with inciting violence, threatening illegal detention, abusing his authority to punish political opponents and misleading the public to […]

Think there’s no real difference between Clinton, Trump? You’re being ridiculous

There is one idea on which most — not all, but most — Democrats and Republicans agree. There is a real and substantial difference between the policies, personalities and vision of the two candidates for president. The America of President Hillary Clinton will be drastically different and wholly and unquestionably better than the America of […]