Bluster and big fights hide LePage’s day-to-day misdeeds

Gov. Paul LePage’s harsh view of the world is guided by anecdote, misinformation and half-truth. Basic, knowable information eludes him, or he can’t be bothered to get it right. He repeats information that’s incorrect over and over again. Somehow he’s immune from math and science. Visiting Portland Tuesday night, the governor continued an argument he’s […]

Stigma remains as biggest challenge in fight against HIV

When I was in high school in the 1980s AIDS was terrifying. Change your life scary, change your behavior scary, curse earlier generations scary. It was a life-ending plague, and we only knew enough about it to be scared. And some politicians and political leaders were even willfully ignorant or callous. That fear and lack […]

Sore losers in Lewiston want fewer young people to vote

The Republican Party — and conservatives in general — have a real problem with young people. Specifically, they don’t want them to vote. The same goes for minorities and people with low-income. In Maine and around the country, there is a concerted effort to change voting laws to make it harder to vote, with the […]

The Know-Nothings are reborn, fueled by an anti-immigrant fever

The flag of the Know-Nothing Party, circa 1850.

Every so often, a tide of bigotry, fear and xenophobia washes over our country. There’s always someone new to hate. Africans. Irish. Italians. Chinese. Jews. Japanese. Politicians point to the newcomers as threats, bent on our country’s destruction. Each time, they are proven wrong, the risk overstated for political gain. And each time, our country […]

Love trumps rhetoric in Christie’s speech on addiction

Gov. Paul LePage and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie are often talked about for their similarities and their close ties. Christie spent millions in corporate dollars to re-elect LePage through the Republican Governors Association, and LePage was the first notable endorsement for Christie’s presidential run. They have similar bracing personalities, both like to yell and […]

No place for intimidation on Election Day

Just because something is legal doesn’t make it a good idea. Walking around downtown with a rifle slung over your shoulder is legal in Maine. But it freaks people out. They have no way of knowing your intention. It’s a bad idea. Videotaping voters who choose to sign a petition may be legal. But it freaks […]

We all have a responsibility to call out racism in our politics

Overt racism is having its heyday in politics. Oh, sure, most politicians stick with code words — “dog whistles,” they’re sometimes called — to thinly disguise racist comments meant to appeal to white voters while also offering a bit of deniability. But the code has been broken, and racism is right out in the open. […]

You can’t honor a people with an insult

Skowhegan, change the name. Just change it. Stop. Look in the mirror. And do the right thing. On Monday — Columbus Day — a group of Skowhegan residents held a rally to support keeping the “Indian” mascot name for SAD 54, the last in the state to use depictions of Native Americans. They call themselves […]

LePage approaches full lawlessness

The LePage administration is approaching complete lawlessness. Everyday, it seems, a new threat from the governor is revealed, another vindictive act uncovered, another law ignored. Early this week, there were two on the same day. On Tuesday, Republican Gov. Paul LePage launched an attack against fellow Republican state Sen. Roger Katz. Katz, who’s been critical […]