Maine economy will suffer unless we attract more people

In a now-deleted Facebook video first covered by the Bangor Daily News last week, Gov. Paul LePage said a number of controversial things. The item that gained the most attention was remarks that he intended to call on Attorney General Janet Mills to resign. A prediction that came true on Tuesday. But the video contained […]

LePage says he will call on AG Mills to resign

In a rambling, 15-minute speech at an event Tuesday for a Republican candidate for the Maine House of Representatives, Gov. Paul LePage renewed his ongoing feud with Democratic Attorney General Janet Mills, attacked rank-and-file Republicans, warned that there are troubling signs for the state’s economy and touched on a range of other topics. Pre-empting news […]

LePage refuses to follow the law — again

When it comes to ignoring the law, Gov. Paul LePage is a habitual offender. Throughout his nearly eight years in office, the governor has shown an unusual willingness to break state law, disregard the Maine Constitution, violate his oath of office and toss aside the norms of government. In addition to having to defend his […]

Evidence for public lands right in front of our eyes

It’s not often that I can write a column thanking the Trump administration, but this week is the exception. Breaking news out of the US Department of Interior has given me the chance to return to my school years and write about what I did on my summer vacation. For that, I say thank you. […]

Supreme Court hope rests on a Republican not acting like a Republican

Religious conservatives have stuck with President Donald Trump – despite the lies, the infidelity, the cruelty, the hate – and now they are close to the payback. On Monday night, Trump announced that he is nominating US Court of Appeals Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court. And immediately landmark rulings that protect […]

A walk back in time to our immigrant past

A young girl arrived in the United States as an unaccompanied minor, just 17 years old. She found work as a domestic servant, caring for the homes of the wealthy until she met the man she married a few years later. She, her family and, in fact, all of her people faced significant discrimination. Her […]

Hiding behind ‘civility’ in uncivil times

Two women were recently kicked out of restaurants. One holds a position of great power and influence. The other is a member of one of the most bullied and marginalized groups in our society. One is defended by the president of the United States, the other is dehumanized by that same president’s policies and positions […]

Sins at the southern border will haunt our country

Maybe this time will be different. But I’m skeptical, disappointed and angry. The plight of children stolen from their parents at the border has generated a national moment of outrage. But we’ve seen moments of outrage before. People massacred in schools, on college campuses, in church and at movie theaters. Little kids, high school kids, […]