Sorensen case proves women’s worst fears about reporting abuse

David Sorensen, a former aide to Republican Gov. Paul LePage and a speechwriter for President Donald Trump, was forced to resign last week after allegations by his ex-wife that he abused her during their two-and-a half-year marriage. The backlash against Jessica Corbett, who first told her story to the FBI in October and in a […]

Shut. It. Down. — No, not the government, Long Creek

The new superintendent of Long Creek Youth Development Center, the state’s prison for kids, seems like a great person. Caroline Raymond has opened up the doors of the facility to members of the Maine media, she’s granted interviews with the Bangor Daily News and the Portland Press Herald, in an effort I believe, to rub […]

LePage worse for tourism than renewable energy

Gov. Paul LePage cannot simply wave his arms and make laws – or the truth – disappear. Though he often attempts both. Last week, the governor issued an executive order creating a secret wind energy panel and placing a moratorium on new wind projects in the state (except for part of Aroostook County, maybe). He […]

Who is a real Mainer? Everyone who chooses to live here.

Tom Kawczynski was fired as the town manager of Jackman this week after his radical, racist agenda was exposed. Kawczynski also received a $30,000 pre-emptive settlement from the town for agreeing not to sue. His annual salary as town manager was $49,000. After news about Kawczynski surfaced last week, I spent some time on his […]

Republicans have selective hearing when it comes to racist remarks

Some Republicans, it appears, suffer from situational hearing impairment. Present in a room, listening to an audio tape, reacting to a reporter’s questions, members of the Republican Party aren’t able to hear clearly — at least if they’re to be believed. In the two most recent examples, President Donald Trump is in a dispute with […]

A LePage reading list for 2018

Give Gov. Paul LePage a break. Sure, his note to a 16-year-old who is concerned about the future of the internet was insensitive. Absolutely, he was tone deaf. And really, who doesn’t sign a personal note with a third-person job title? But the advice, despite the deeply flawed delivery, was sound. As you may recall […]

LePage can’t deter Mainers fighting for health care

Medicaid expansion is the law. Voters made sure of that. But when the Maine Legislature reconvenes next week, the fight over health insurance coverage for more than 70,000 Mainers will begin anew. Gov. Paul LePage remains steadfast in opposition to expansion, despite overwhelming support for it from Maine voters. And Republicans in the Legislature – […]

Tax scam will pale compared to what comes next

Never has giving away more than $1 trillion been so difficult. Republicans in Washington are on their way to a massive overhaul of the US tax code. With a package that’s heavily tilted toward wealthy individuals and large, multinational corporations, the tax plan will further exacerbate income inequality. As if that wasn’t enough, the tax bill does […]

States try to hide the barbarism of the death penalty

Vengeance belongs to the Lord, not to the state. We have reached the point where we can no longer turn our heads to the systematic violence and cruelty of state-sponsored executions. It’s time for the death penalty to be retired once and for all. The death penalty is about state-sponsored vengeance, a relic of the […]