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Ghost of marriage campaign past still haunts Maine legal system

The National Organization for Marriage is a hate group that has ignored Maine law for more than six years. In 2009, the group spent millions of dollars in the state to take away marriage from loving, committed couples. The money helped to overturn a new state law, passed by the Legislature and signed by the […]

Maine’s chance to push back against big money in politics

Politics inevitably focuses on differences and conflict. But come November, voters are going to have an opportunity to decide on a ballot question that brings together Republicans, Democrats and independents. This week Mainers for Accountable Elections launched its campaign to pass meaningful election reform that focuses on transparency, accountability and reducing the impact of big […]

Prepare for 15 months of hate and race baiting

Some Republicans are rushing headlong into a campaign that will become the most destructive, divisive and racially charged of any in the country. The results for Maine – and for people of color living in our state – will be devastating. A group of Republican activists is working to place a People’s Veto on the ballot to […]

LePage court challenge keeps Democrats and Republicans united

The leadership of the Maine Legislature is remaining united in opposition to an unconstitutional power grab by Gov. Paul LePage. The governor has pushed the limits of executive power to the breaking point. And now the conservative president of the Senate and the liberal speaker of the House are standing together to argue against him […]

LePage headed for a legal smackdown

Gov. Paul LePage is going to lose. And the 71 bills that he refused to take action on will remain law. Attorney General Janet Mills left little doubt with a blisteringly effective opinion that destroys the governor’s legal argument about his ability to hold legislation beyond 10 days (not counting Sundays). After a lengthy legal […]

Pushing ‘patent troll’ into the sunlight

In mythology, when a troll is exposed to sunlight, it turns to stone. Right now, Congress has an opportunity to push an especially egregious type of troll into the sunlight. This one doesn’t live under a bridge or attack hobbits. Instead, it hides behind dubious or vague patents and sues small businesses. Patent trolls, or “non-practicing […]

Playing the victim, LePage adds evidence that he’s abusing power

Gov. Paul LePage is the most powerful person in Maine. He oversees a government that can directly impact every one of Maine’s more than 1.3 million residents, if he is so inclined. With a whispered word, a phone call or handwritten letter, he has the power to turn the state against someone, costing them their […]

There’s a hole in his pocket; LePage’s folly lets bills become law

There’s a huge hole in Gov. Paul LePage’s pocket, and a bunch of bills just fell through, handing his opponents and the Legislature huge victories. LePage has made a major mistake in his understanding of the legislative process and the Maine Constitution that has allowed at least 19 bills to become law without his signature. […]

As Maine goes: The nation catches up on marriage

It’s a footnote today. But in 2009, Maine made history. On May 6 of that year, then-Gov. John Baldacci became the first governor in the United States to sign legislation passed through the state Legislature and without court intervention to allow all loving, committed couples to marry. It was a monumental moment for the state […]

How to hold LePage accountable

Gov. Paul LePage has used the power of his office to punish a political opponent and has threatened to withhold funding from a school that serves at-risk kids. According to the Bangor Daily News and by his own admission, he has threatened to withhold significant funding for Good Will-Hinckley because they hired Speaker of the House […]