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Congress should keep promise, protect Medicare, Social Security

Willis Henry Farmer was born in April 1932. He died 65 years later. He was my father and a glorious mess. When I consider proposals to cut Social Security or increase the age of eligibility for Medicare, which provides health insurance and care for retirees, I think of him and my mom. Willis Farmer traveled […]

Maine Democratic Party not ready for obit page

Maine Democrats won big this election year. Be not afraid of third-place finishes or woe-sayers predicting doom for the party. Yes, state Sen. Cynthia Dill finished a distant third place in the race for the United States Senate, repeating what occurred in 2010 when Democratic gubernatorial nominee and then state Senate President Libby Mitchell also finished […]

Missing the story on early voting

An interesting story-line developed in the closing days of the election. As the Bangor Daily News headline proclaimed, “Early voting less popular this year in Maine than in 2008.” There were similar stories from the Associated Press and in the Portland Press Herald. But none of the stories mentioned a key factor in the reduced early vote […]

Don’t let vote challengers intimidate you at the polls

The political campaigns in Maine are making their final push toward Election Day. For most campaigns, the focus is on encouraging their supporters to go to the polls. The operations are usually called GOTV, which stands for Get Out the Vote. The tactics are well known: Making phone calls, knocking on doors, arranging transportation for […]