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Maine’s chance to push back against big money in politics

Politics inevitably focuses on differences and conflict. But come November, voters are going to have an opportunity to decide on a ballot question that brings together Republicans, Democrats and independents. This week Mainers for Accountable Elections launched its campaign to pass meaningful election reform that focuses on transparency, accountability and reducing the impact of big […]

Prepare for 15 months of hate and race baiting

Some Republicans are rushing headlong into a campaign that will become the most destructive, divisive and racially charged of any in the country. The results for Maine – and for people of color living in our state – will be devastating. A group of Republican activists is working to place a People’s Veto on the ballot to […]

Sequester only a warm-up for what could happen next

Unless something in Washington changes soon, our country is about to suffer a needless and self-inflicted wound to our economy. And unless something changes in Augusta, we might be headed for an even worse debacle this summer in Maine. On Friday, across-the-board spending cuts in federal spending will kick in. And soon after, Mainers will […]

LePage speaks from the heart, but his policies don’t match

Gov. Paul LePage was speaking from the heart Tuesday night during his State of the State address when he talked about kids, particularly poor kids. Relating his own experiences of growing up in extreme poverty and on the streets of Lewiston, young and alone, the governor talked about the stress of finding his next meal […]

Legislature will find alternatives to LePage budget

It’s disingenuous to say that critics of Gov. Paul LePage’s two-year budget haven’t proposed any solutions of their own. Of course they haven’t. Not yet. But they are certainly coming. The governor and the whole of the executive branch have been working on his budget for months, beginning far back in the summer. They’ve tapped […]

Could a conversion on Obamacare in Arizona spread to Maine?

Arizona Gov. Jane Brewer has stuck her finger in President Barack Obama’s face during a brief airport encounter. She’s dared the federal government to intervene by passing a nasty anti-immigrant state law. She’s a tea party favorite. A radical Republican. She seems to enjoy picking a fight, particularly with the president. And, she plans to […]