Blue wave carries health care to 70,000 Mainers

There can be no question that Maine saw a blue wave on Election Day. Voters elected Democrat Janet Mills as governor – helping current Republican Gov. Paul LePage to pack his bags for retirement in Florida – flipped the state Senate from Republican to Democratic control and expanded the Democratic majority in the state House of […]

Under attack, newspaper endorsements matter more than ever

Perhaps more than any election year in my lifetime, the press has come under intense pressure and attack. Deemed the “enemy of the people,” the media is being forced to adapt to a political climate in which a significant portion of the people have given up on the idea of truth and facts. Instead, they […]

Republicans rely on fear and attacks in election’s closing days

The knock on Janet Mills has never been that she’s soft on crime. In fact, during the Democratic primary, I would say that her law and order credentials were a sticking point for some of the more liberal members of the party. And they were considered a strength in the general election. She was a […]

Ranked-choice voting could decide race for Congress in 2nd District

With Election Day less than two weeks away, we have to talk about ranked-choice voting. When Maine voters walk into the voting booth – or fill out your absentee ballot – they will have a chance to rank the candidates running for US Senate and the US House of Representatives. We’ll be the first state […]

Choice for governor is really between Mills and Moody

A bit by happenstance, I had the chance recently to spend about 15 minutes chatting with each of the four candidates for governor. I like them all and enjoyed the conversations. But that doesn’t change the fact that I think Attorney General Janet Mills is the best option. There’s the old canard that people vote […]

Forget about 2020. Focus on now and the next two years.

In the aftermath of Sen. Susan Collins’ vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court – and her truly unfortunate speech and rationale for the vote – many eyes in Maine and around the country are turning to 2020, when Collins could next appear on the ballot. Stop it. Just don’t. 2020 is a […]

What if the worst is true and half the people don’t care?

In a meticulously reported and lengthy examination of President Donald Trump and his family’s financial empire, the New York Times has uncovered significant evidence of fraud and busted the mythology – pushed by Trump himself – of a self-made man. The Times describes its investigation as “unprecedented in scope and precision, offering the first comprehensive […]

The truth about Kavanaugh will come out; can the Senate handle it?

The truth will come out about Judge Brett Kavanaugh. And I mean the whole truth – about the way he has treated women in the past and about his views on critical issues likely to come before the US Supreme Court. The question facing Republicans in the US Senate is whether they want to know […]

Mills details economic prosperity plan

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Janet Mills this week released an action plan for the Maine economy. The plan includes 19 action items, specific recommendations for improving the state’s economy and spreading prosperity into rural areas. Parts of Maine are doing well right now – Portland, Bangor, Lewiston-Auburn, and the areas around them. The state’s official unemployment […]