Washington Post calls out LePage’s ‘unhinged racism,’ says he should resign

In a hard-hitting, blunt editorial published online tonight, The Washington Post, one of the most prestigious newspapers in the world, called upon Maine Gov. Paul LePage to resign.

The paper cited the governor’s “unhinged racism and unhinged ravings” in a blistering editorial.

The Post goes on to chronicle the governor’s damaging behavior, threats and lies, including his three-ring binder of drug trafficking suspects, only a third of which are black or Hispanic.

At one point the paper says the governor really should move on “by resigning and seeking help, in order to spare the people of Maine more of his wild-eyed ramblings.”

Drawing the attention of the editorial board of the Washington Post speaks to the level of indignity and outrageousness LePage has brought to the office of governor.

The Post warns: “Mr. LePage threatens to remake his state’s image from a vacation paradise of surreal natural beauty to a hotbed of hatred.”

As his tall tales, lies, blunders and dangerous rhetoric build one upon another, he has become a national disgrace.

No doubt the hardest core of his supporters will remain loyal, attack the media once again and dismiss it all as just the governor fighting against “political correctness.”

But for anyone interested in the facts, the indictment against the governor is overwhelming. The Post now joins a growing chorus that agrees that the he is unfit to serve.

While the governor would like to change the subject from his racist behavior and words, it’s clear that his misdeeds will follow him for the remainder of his time in office — however long that might be.

David Farmer

About David Farmer

David Farmer is a political and media consultant in Portland, where he lives with his wife and two children. He was senior adviser to Democrat Mike Michaud’s campaign for governor and a longtime journalist. You can reach him at dfarmer14@hotmail.com.