Save some outrage for injustice close to home

Outrage is in right now. And there’s plenty to be outraged about: The president has asked other countries to help him smear a political opponent, he’s abandoning Kurdish allies in Syria and he continues his relentless attacks against LGBTQ people. A million people were detained at the U.S.-Mexico border last year, some of them kids […]

Lives of transgender people on trial at the Supreme Court

I’m nervous about next week. Really anxious. The US Supreme Court will hear arguments on three cases that have the potential to upend the lives of LGBTQ people across the country. If President Donald Trump and his allies are successful in their arguments to the court, overnight it will overnight become OK under federal law […]

Deceptive people’s veto tactics don’t work in elections

Signers beware. That’s the first lesson all Mainers should take away from the recent people’s veto effort targeting vaccine regulations in the state. This summer, an anti-vaccine group collected signatures to challenge a new law that limits exemptions to vaccine requirements for public school students. Under the new law, which is now on hold, children […]

Democrats’ aren’t just dreaming about health care reform

We no longer have a two-party system in American Democracy. We have an asymmetrical system where one party continues to comport itself largely along traditional lines with deference to the law, the Constitution and Democratic norms, and the other has declared total and complete war on any institution or check that would constrain its power. […]

Presidential candidates come to Maine with an eye toward New Hampshire

Democrats should be embarrassed. But not for the typical reasons that might have quickly jumped to mind. They should be embarrassed by the strength, depth and diversity of the field of candidates vying for the party’s nomination to face President Donald Trump. The field looks like America. Even some of the candidates who have already […]

Opponents of gun safety reform are counting on us to move on – Don’t

It was a long, deadly weekend as gun violence claimed more lives. At least seven people (eight if you count the gunman) are dead in west Texas at the hands of an angry man with an “AR style” weapon. Three police officers and a 17-month-old were among the 25 people who were wounded. The victims […]

There’s still time to pass ranked-choice voting for March primary

Gov. Janet Mills has called the Legislature back into special session next week to consider a smart investment package that includes money for transportation, to boost the economy, to clean up pollution and for the Land for Maine’s Future program. The money to pay for the debt service on the bonding was already included in […]

When it comes to gun safety, it’s time to call the absurd the absurd

In my column last week, I wrote about 30 ideas that could help stem the ever-rising tide of gun violence in the United States. The ideas ranged from background checks and waiting periods to a ban on military-style weapons such as the AR-15 and large capacity magazines. Generally speaking, as someone who worked on the background check […]